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Time of Service Rates (TOS) apply to charges paid at the time of service, also known as the CASH discount rate.  You may choose this option and submit your claims personally to your insurer for reimbursement. City Sales Tax is collected and included in the pricing below.

30 minutes...........$45

60 minutes...........$80

90 minutes.........$110

Standard Rates are for any massage therapy services provided but not paid for at TOS. These charges are billed to you and due within 30 days. City Sales Tax is collected and included in the pricing below.

30 minutes...........$50

60 minutes...........$100

90 minutes...........$150

Medically Prescribed Services (MPS) Rates are for massage therapy and  other manual techniques that have been prescribed for you by a doctor and are eligible for insurance reimbursement.  Treatment is billed out in 15-minute unit increments at the rate of $25/unit, using the proper diagnostic codes. These charges are not subject to City Sales Tax. You are responsible for ALL charges not paid by your insurance company.

Each 15-minute Unit.........$25

Treatment will not exceed 6 units per each visit or 90 minutes.


At BodyWorks Massage & Movement, we want to help you return to the activities you love as quickly as possible.  In some instances, insurance companies will pay for massage therapy (STM) treatment provided by a licensed massage therapist (LMT).  This varies between carriers and policies, so you will want to call your insurance company and verify that they will cover your treatment.  For instance, worker’s compensation policies and auto insurance companies commonly cover massage therapy, while private health insurance companies often do not.  Your flexible spending account may allow you to use your funds for complimentary health care, such as massage therapy. Or, you may have a wellness plan that includes payment for services such as massage therapy.  Understanding what your insurance covers before receiving treatment will help keep your out-of-pocket healthcare costs down, because all treatment charges must be paid for at time of service (TOS).

While we accespt insurance, we do not submit your charges for reimbursement. To receive reimbursement for any massage therapy treatment, it is your responsibility to provide the receipts and required paperwork to your insurer from your treatment sessions.  

Call your insurance carrier and verify coverage

If you have found that your insurance does cover massage therapy provided by an LMT, there are some other steps you must take.  (Some companies cover massage therapy provided by a physical therapist or chiropractor, but NOT a massage therapist so make that distinction clear when you call!)  If your insurance does NOT cover massage therapy, you may still call and schedule an appointment, but you will be responsible for all charges at time of service.  For a list of TOS treatments available please click here.

Obtain a prescription

Your prescription must come from someone with the authority to prescribe (for instance, a physician, NP, chiropractor, etc.).  Make sure that your prescription includes the following information:

-A diagnosis and diagnosis code (i.e. neck pain, 723.1)
-Treatment prescribed is “for massage therapy”
-Duration and frequency of treatment (i.e. 2x/wk for 4wks)

Contact BodyWorks Massage & Movement

Let us know that you will be seeking insurance reimbursement for services and bring in your prescription to your treatment. You wil be provided with a detailed treatment note following the session that you will submit to your insurer.  You must pay in full for your treatment at the time of service and then submit the claim to insurance yourself to receive reimbursement. 

Fill out all necessary paperwork and bring to your first visit

There are two packets to choose from:

-Insurance Billed Claims (Auto PIP, Worker's Compensation, some Employee Wellness Plans)
-Self Pay Clients 

Please print the appropriate form, fill out, and bring to your first visit.  If you prefer, arrive 10 minutes early to fill out your forms at the office.


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