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Why Choose Massage Therapy? Through skilled touch, massage helps identify where your tissues are holding tension and brings your awareness to that area.  With specific therapeutic massage and stretching techniques, the tissue is allowed to release and return to its optimal length.  Tissue health improves as circulation increases and blood and nutrients are allowed to flow freely.  Massage calms the nervous system and allows you to enter a resting state where the body is able to repair and heal itself.  Immune function is also enhanced.  After your massage treatment, specific stretching and strengthening exercises may be recommended in order to help your released tissue regain strength and function.

Is Exercise Really that Important? Have you ever heard the phrase "Motion is lotion"? Routine movement is essential to maintain appropriate joint range-of-motion and healthy musculature. Muscle length has a direct impact on joint positioning and posture, and imbalances can exacerbate or create pain and injury. Likewise, achieving a more balanced body through strategic use of movement (including stretching and strengthening) can prevent or alleviate pain and strengthen your body to perfrom your daily activities with greater ease. Exercise is also important to maintain healthy heart and lung function, strengthen the immune system, increase metabolic rate, and decrease the need for some medication. If you are not already engaging in some physical activity every day, now is a good time to begin.

Your Responsibility to Yourself Julius Wolff stated "Form follows function." Our bodies are the physical representation of our cumulative experiences, actions, emotions, memories, and thought. Only by identifying and working with these patterns in your life can you begin to effect positive and lasting physical changes. Please understand that I am not a miracle worker!  What I provide you with are the tools to help you quickly identify where your problems are coming from and then change those patterns so you can get back to living.   It is up to you to follow through with the information provided and take action to shift those “dys”functional patterns when you are outside the clinic.  Only you can heal yourself!


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